What is ACSEXE+?


Caroline: “For me ACSEXE+ represents… recognizing diversity and difference in relationships and needs, and in the desire for relationships, and to take that diversity of different people who have a lot of different backgrounds and to accept and integrate them with love… and strawberries!”

Hodan: “When I look at myself in the mirror as a woman, I’m happy with the image that I see. It’s really really positive. I have confidence in myself, I feel good, I feel beautiful. And my partner accepts me as I am. That, that influences me, the image that he has of me, I find that that gives me a certain sense of power also. And like I said before, I have a lot of self-confidence. So really (our sexuality) is good.”

Isabelle: “For me sexuality is a fundamental right! Our bodies have demands, our bodies have needs. Sexuality is part of everybody’s lives, and too often, the rights to sexuality of women who experience disability are violated. So for me, I’m part of this project, to advocate for my right to sex!”

These video have been produced by FQPN and realised by Rozen Potin. Responsible for the project: Charli Lessard and Aimee Louw. With the participation of Isabelle, Caroline and Hodan. Traduction: Aimee Louw

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