Sex-myth busting time!

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There are many types of pleasure, of orgasm. Some of which we don’t even know about until they happen, some of which we don’t think are legitimate because of taboos around sex. Let’s talk about that. ACSEXE+ is immune to taboo:)

Fantasy’s role in physical pleasure

Ejaculation and orgasm are [thought of as] synonymous even though they are 2 distinct processes and experiences.

This means that you could have an orgasm located on a body part far away from your genitals… Perhaps old news for some people with paralysis!

One type of orgasm occurs from fantasy alone. Some women with spinal chord injuries are able to have orgasmic response in their bodies without any form of physical stimulation… While probably not common, it is important to be aware of the possibility.

For some, a caress behind the ear can be an orgasmic experience. For others, the right kind of nipple play can bring them to the edge. For others, a massage on their head will give orgasmic pleasure!
Because physical experiences of pleasure are so intertwined with our thoughts and fantasies, if we’re open to it, we could sense orgasmic pleasure on many parts of our bodies. We could bring pleasure to our physical bodies by imagining it, making it a reality in our minds.

The bottom line: There are many types of orgasms. Not just one, not just fast, not just located below the pant line.
From our minds to our hearts to our flesh, orgasm can be anywhere. <3

Post written by  Aimee Louw and inspired by « The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability: For All of Us Who Live with Disabilities, Chronic Pain, and Illness» (2007) by Miriam Kaufman , Cory Silverberg , Fran Odette

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