To the person going on a first date and wondering if/ how to share their illness/ disability with the lucky date

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I hope you have fun on your date! Personally, it depends if I trust the person and feel comfortable around them, whether I share info about my body. And it can happen little by little too. So first off, trust yourself:) Ask: do I feel like discussing this right now? WIll it make me more comfortable? I would add also, don’t feel obliged to share info that you don’t feel that comfortable to share either. Like if it comes up and you feel like you want to share something about your illness, that’s awesome! And at the same time, don’t feel like you have to answer all the questions your hot date might have. I’ve been on dates where the person asks, “oh, does that mean you can’t____? (fill in the blank)” and I don’t feel like divulging at that moment, or the question goes too far. Responding with “I’ll share more as time goes on,” or “it’s not too relevant to ___ this activity” or something along those lines can let the person know that you appreciate their interest/ question, and at the same time respecting your boundaries/ private info too.

And remember, you don’t have to think of it as bad news you’re delivering, you’re just sharing an aspect of your life with them. That is a big honour, if you think about it! <3

(I don’t consider my disability a bad thing at all.)