Every body: glamour, dateability, sexuality & disability | Dr. Danielle Sheypuk

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more athttp://ted.com/tedx

She wears designer dresses, dons Louboutins, and dates men all over New York City, documenting her life every step of the way. What starts out as a story analogous to that of a Sex & the City character quickly elevates in its complexity – what would have happened if Carrie Bradshaw had been in a wheelchair? In this TEDx Dr. Danielle Sheypuk gets real about sex and disability, unabashedly exploring sexual satisfaction writ large. She encourages curiosity and invites you to shed your preconceived notions of sexual norms in favor of a new reality that just might pique your interest.

Wheelchair-dependent since childhood, psychologist Dr. Danielle Sheypuk once described her NYC dating and relationship experiences as “Sex and the City, disability style.” After snagging the title “Ms. Wheelchair NY 2012,” Sheypuk found herself in demand from a variety of media focused on her particular area of expertise – the psychology of dating, relationships and sexuality among the disabled community. Her “walk” down the runway as a model during the February 2014 New York Fashion Week has been deemed by some as a “Rosa Parks moment” on behalf of women living with disabilities.