ACSEXE+ Let’s have fun.

Let’s share our stories of disability pride and struggles when it comes to sex. Let’s acknowledge the barriers to sexual freedom present in Quebec, and let’s work together to remove those barriers.

ACSEXE+ is a bilingual multimedia project led by FQPN since 2015. It’s goal is to create a space to talk about sex positivity and disabilities in Québec. Whether it’s discussing assistance in physical sexual settings, or stereotypes and confidence, or getting down to practical things like sex positions and where to meet potential romantic partners, nothing is taboo for our collaborators. Do you want to share your experiences ? Any comments or reactions? Contact us via FB or Twitter or at info@fqpn.qc.ca

Let’s heat up discussions of sex and disability in Quebec, with sex-positivity and feminism. Now that’s something to take your clothes off for!

Created in 1972, the Fédération du Québec pour le planning des naissances (FQPN) is a feminist network specialized in advocacy and popular education on issues linked to sexual and reproductive health. Counting local, regional and national groups as well as individual members, its mandate is to raise awareness, inform and foster critical thoughts on sexual and reproductive health as well as to promote freedom of choice with a social justice perspective.